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Widgetsformuse will continue to have useful tools for many web designers. We will also continue to support our Widget product library as we always have.

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Welcome to our Widgets for Muse Site.

Looking for the perfect production ready widget for your Adobe Muse site design? Browse our Widgets shop for the right type of widget. Preview the widget in action, and interact with it. When you find the one you want, simply buy or download the file for free and add it to your Muse site design.

 Our team is continuously producing new products.We release new widgets every month!

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We are happy to answer any questions about our widgets. We don’t have a phone number or email address on here because of spammers (yes, phone spam too). We will respond to most queries sent through this form, usually within a few hours, but possibly up to 24 hours depending on when you send the request.

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