Easy File-Upload Form
"Drag/Drop or Browse"

File uploader


Easy File-Upload Form

This Widget creates a drag and drop container to upload files to your website's server. There are two ways a visitor can upload files with this form:

● By dropping them on the #drop div ( in all browsers except IE );

● By clicking the browse button which will bring the system’s file browsing window.

The file input will allow more than one file to be selected at a given time (the files will still be uploaded individually though).


Full Version


This widget is not compatible with Adobe's Business Catalyst hosting

  • This widget will not work in Adobe Muse Preview. You need to upload it to your PHP compatible server to see it work.
  • PHP File “ upload.php ” included in your downloaded zip file.
  • Your site will need to be hosted by your own provider such as GoDaddy,Bluehost, HostGator, etc. You need to have FTP access to create a “upload” folder.
  • A detailed description and a sample-file is included.



Main options


Style options 1 


Style options 2


Help: Change the Font-type

- To change the fonttype just select the widget and choose your font from the "Text panel". Color settings are done in the widget.


Fileupload widget empty


Fileupload widget with some files..

you can select unlimited files at once.


Change allowed file-extensions

- Simple modification to change the permitted file extensions in the upload.php file:
This can be done in a basic text editor.


Filebrowser after click on "Browse"

Browser support

Tested on a desktop: Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, IE8+, partial support
of IE7 (works, but some visual layout features, are missing).

Mobile: default browser in Android 2.3+, iOS5+, Blackberry 10+,
WP7+, mobile Opera and Chrome on Android.


To change the Font just select the entire unit, go to the text panel and choose your font.
The font will be applied automatically from the Muse fonts. This method makes it easier to apply any font you wish.

Detailed installation instructions and a sample file are included with the widget.