Mobile Sidemenu

overlay mega menu


Mobile Sidemenu is fullscreen feature rich menu widget for phones and tablets (can be used on desktop also) with dozens of options to modify the menu for your needs.
Menu close after click on link!

You control the design for your project. 

Update Oct. 2017,Version 2.0:
Added global menu placement left or right

mega menu for phones and tablets


Full Version

Smart Overlay Mega Menu tutorial video

This tutorial is also for the Mobile Sidemenu.


  • 1 Breakpoint for visibility ( no break points in muse needed)
  • Up to 8 Links
  • Up to 5 Social Icons at the bottom of the menu
  • Font Awesome Icons for all link descriptions (Cheat-sheet included)
  • Menu description alignment ( left, center, right )
  • Animated "Hamburger - Close" button
  • Choose between 5 subtle menu animation ( timing control options )
  • Overlay color and opacity
  • Header Logo - images or SVG
  • And much more ...

Text options: Size, distance, spacing, color, hover …

Choose Font via muse Textmenu


widgets for muse mega menu options1


Main breakpoint, menu alignment and width

widgets for muse mega menu options2


Menu links and icons (Font-awesome)

widgets for muse mega menu options3


Menu animation and timing


Help: Change the Font-type

- To change the fonttype just select the widget and choose your font from the "Text panel". Color and Size-settings are done in the widget.

widgets for muse mega menu options 4


Overlay Options

- Images and SVG files can be used for logo.
- Scrollbar design ( color and width)

widgets for muse mega menu options 5


Social Icons

- On/off size, spacing, colors and links.

Browser support

Tested on a desktop: Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, IE8+,Edge partial support
of IE7 (works, but some visual layout features, are missing).

Mobile: default browser in Android 2.3+, iOS5+, Blackberry 10+,
WP7+, mobile Opera and Chrome on Android.


To change the Font just select the entire unit, go to the text panel and choose your font.
The font will be applied automatically from the Muse fonts. This method makes it easier to apply any font you wish.