Full-responsive / Lightbox
with dozens of options

Fullresponsive Gallery


Full responsive Gallery is a responsive lightbox & thumbnail gallery with focus on performance and providing the best experience for user with any device. The gallery supports all sizes of images and responsive design with an easy setup.

Version 6.0 Update

Jan. 11. 2018

- Added Option to switch between "Fill Thumbnail Proportinally" or "Fit Content to Thumbnail"

- Breakpoint Options: Now you can select between 1 - 12 columns (Thumbnails) per row for each breakpoint."

Version 5.0 Update

Sept. 28. 2017

- Free Add-on for unlimited galleries on one page. Start with the regular widget and for more galleries use the add-on

- Use Arrow-keys to switch between the images

- Now you can use different image sizes (portrait, landscape, square).

- No more "White Space" below the gallery.

- New option to set "Thumbnail Height"

- New option to turn "Captions" and "Counter" on and off.

- More options for different Device-sizes.


- Full responsive, full width or inside a page.

- Fast & smart image resizing in lightbox mode.

- Responsive previous and next buttons which are moving inside the image on small devices.


- Style options for icons, thumbnails, text and lightbox.

- Advanced features for breakpoint settings.


On tablet devices, navigation between gallery items is implemented simply by tapping on arrows with a large hit area.


You can have any amount of pictures from 4 up to 30 or 60 images.

Sample .muse file is included. 



Help: Content below

- If you have any problems with content below the gallery widget, please be sure to set the breakpoints of the widget equal to the breakpoints of the muse page ( see image ).


Help: Small line between images

- If you have any problems with the "no border" version, like a small line between the picture rows (depending on the version of muse), please select the widget and in "text properties" change the default "leading" value from 120% to 0%


Options: Lightbox 

- Color & opacity
- Icons (previous, next and close)
- Caption and counter options
- Turn captions and counter on/off


Options: Thumbnails

- Set overall thumbnail height
-Thumbnail style options for distance,
colors, filters & hover effects.


Options: Breakpoints

- Position and number of columns per breakpoint


Options: Images

- up to 30 or 60 images, depending on the version.

Gallery placed 100% Width

Gallery placed responsive inside a page

See the gallery on different devices

i-Pad Air

i-Phone S6 - landscape

i-Phone 4

Samsung S5

Browser support

Tested on a desktop: Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, IE8+, partial support
of IE7 (works, but some visual layout features, are missing).

Mobile: default browser in Android 2.3+, iOS5+, Blackberry 10+,
WP7+, mobile Opera and Chrome on Android.


- You can set different breakpoints on your page and in the widget.

Important: Only the largest breakpoint should be the same in
the page & widget.

- If something in your page got messed up:
Please turn the "page lock" off and/or set a style for messed up text fields.

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