Gallery ALL Media
Full-responsive / lightbox for images,
videos, maps and much more ...

Fullresponsive Lightbox gallery


Gallery ALL Media is a Lightweight Bootstrap based responsive lightbox & thumbnail gallery 
 with focus on performance and providing the best experience for user with any device.
The gallery supports all kind of videos / images / websites / maps and Pdf-files with an easy setup.

up to 40 files depending on version.
Trial-Version available 

Update July 23. 2017
- Added option to turn captions on / off


Full Version


XXL Version


Trial Version


- Full responsive, full width or inside a page.

- Fast & smart content resizing in lightbox mode.


- Style options for icons, thumbnails, text and lightbox.

- Turn captions on / off.

- Advanced features for breakpoint settings.

- File types are: images, videos (mpg4,ogg,wmv), YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Websites,Contact forms, pdf and much more.

The required format for Google Maps link:,+Mountain+View,+CA


You can have any amount of files from 2 up to 20 (up to 40 with XXl Version).

One sample .muse file included.

Full version and XXL version

Trial Version has all features, but is restricted to 2 different files for testing!



Help: Content below

- If you have content below the "Gallery All Media" widget, please be sure to set the breakpoints of the widget equal to the breakpoints of the muse page.


Help: Change the Font-type

- To change the fonttype and align for the captions, just select the widget and choose your font from the "Text panel".
- Color and Size-settings are done in the widget.


Options: Lightbox & Captions

- Max. Width of the Lightbox.
- Color & opacity
- Close Icon (File and position)
- Caption Text (Color, hover,size)
- Caption Background (Color, hover)


Options: Thumbnails

- Thumbnail style options for border-width, border-color. 
- settings for different filters & hover effects.


Options: Breakpoints

- Number of columns per breakpoint
- choose between 5 to 3 columns on the largest breakpoint and go down to 1 or 2 for smartphones.


Options: Files

- up to 20 Files. Just enter the URL, add a thumbnail and a title.
- File types are: images, videos (mpg4,ogg,wmv), YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Websites, pdf and much more.

Lightbox with pdf-file

Lightbox with YouTube video

Lightbox with Google Maps

Browser support

Tested on a desktop: Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, IE8+, partial support
of IE7 (works, but some visual layout features, are missing).

Mobile: default browser in Android 2.3+, iOS5+, Blackberry 10+,
WP7+, mobile Opera and Chrome on Android.


- You can set different breakpoints on your page and in the widget.
Min. Breakpoint should be 320px.

Important: Only the largest breakpoint should be the same in
the page & widget.

- to add a google map location use following code:

- If something in your page got messed up:
Please turn the "page lock" off and/or set a style for messed up text fields.