Smart Muse Blocks

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
November 26, 2017
Category: Tutorials

Smart Muse Blocks

Over 90 responsive design blocks ready to be used in Adobe Muse. 

All blocks are fully responsive and customizable. They are the start blocks for beautiful websites.

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By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
November 16, 2016
Category: Tutorials

This is an unsorted list of free SEO tools, that we use frequently.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to SEO or have been dabbling in this world since the early days of Google, nothing changes the fact that you need a little help from time to ti... Continue reading

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How To Use Font Awesome In Muse

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
October 16, 2016
Category: Tutorials

Did you know that you can easily use Font Awesome font icons in Muse?

Using Icon Fonts in your web design process not only reduces website’s loading times dramatically, but also makes it future proof... Continue reading

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TOOLS | Responsive "Material Card"

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
October 14, 2016
Category: Tools

Responsive "Material Card" is a simple user card based on Google Material Color palette. No need for any graphical Icons.

All Icons in the widget are from FontAwesome. Just enter the name of the Icon, that's it.

SOME OF... Continue reading

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Full-responsive Gallery FAQ's

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
October 07, 2016
Category: Gallery

Breakpoint Settings:

You can set different breakpoints on your page and in the widget.

Important: Only the largest breakpoint should be the same in the page & widget.

If something in your page got messed up:Continue reading

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Tools: Before-after slider V2.0

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
October 04, 2016
Category: Tools


A simple and easy way to compare two images.


images: before & after
Slider color

Important: Both images should have the same size!

NO n... Continue reading

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Gallery | Full responsive TRIAL

By WidgetsForMuse-Michael
October 03, 2016
Category: Gallery


Full responsive Gallery is a responsive lightbox & thumbnail gallery with focus on performance and providing the best experience for user with any device. The gallery supports responsive design with an easy setup.

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